Domestic Violence

domestic-violence-charges-lawyer-boulder-smThe argument with your spouse escalated into a screaming match. One of your neighbors called 911. The police came and now you’re under arrest for domestic violence – in the back of a police car, on the way to jail. Your spouse and kids are back at home alone. You’re very much in shock. What happens now?

You will probably stay in jail until the bond hearing, where bond will be set and the Judge will advise you of the terms and conditions of your bond. Hopefully you are able to make bond. You will be prohibited from communicating with your spouse, and probably your kids, by any means – no phone calls; no text messages; no Facebook posts, etc. You will be excluded from your home – all part of a mandatory restraining order. Under the best case scenario, it will be weeks before you can go home or communicate with your spouse and kids. You need to make arrangements to stay with a friend or family member. You need someone to retrieve some of your clothes and personal belongings. You definitely need an attorney. These are very challenging cases with a myriad of potential direct and collateral consequences. Don’t wait. Don’t try to handle this one on your own. Call or email us. We can help you.